Imagine: Galveston Beaches at Night

There’s nothing prettier than a Texas sky. Galveston may not have the most beautiful beaches, but Galveston Beaches produce the most magnificent skyscapes!
galveston beaches at night

Galveston Beaches at Night are Magical!

Imagine the perfect life! Imagine growing up with the beauty that is the ocean. Imagine being my babies growing up on the Galveston Beaches.
This is  the only life these two have ever known. This is their “normal”. This is paradise; they think life is a perpetual paradise! My only hope is that they never know any different. This picture is the world they now, and because I love them, I want this to be the only life they ever know.
All of our lives are filled with beauty. Enjoy life, where ever you are, as they do. There is beauty tucked in every corner of this world. Our world is beautiful to us! Is yours?


  1. lisapollard says

    Oh wow. What an amazing picture and what a cool place to live! I’m so jealous! Thanks for sharing this picture…it really is amazing!

  2. Mamawolfeto2 says

    I love my world…the same community I grew up in is where I’m raising my kids. I love my home, my garden…

  3. says

    Our lives totally mirror each other! I guess my love of water comes from growing up on a peninsula. Living in the Lowcountry we get both swamp and ocean. Love it! I hope my son loves it too, but really, how can you not???!!!!!

  4. clgossett says

    Thanks for all of the love my friends! You inspire me on a daily basis and I’m just happy that you enjoy when I share my scenery (and my opinions of course:)!

  5. Tonya @ The Traveling Praters says

    What a beautiful view! We just returned from a trip to the ocean. We just spent the day at the beach, taking pictures, playing in the sand, looking for seashells. There’s something about being near the water that just completely relaxes me.

  6. says

    Wow, what a breathtaking and beautiful photo, Christy. I can’t imagine living near the ocean…. it would be heaven on earth.:) Thanks so much for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday. After everything that’s happened Friday, this post is even more meaningful…. there is beauty tucked in every corner…. so true.

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