I Admire the Beauty and Power of the Ocean

I know, I know…you know I live on an island and I love it here!  I have been posting a lot of photos from my island lately and I would apologize, but I’m really not sorry and hope that you never get tired of it’s beauty either!
I just truly admire the beauty and the power of the ocean.  I am drawn to it.  I am in constant awe.  And this time of year, our “Fall”, is the best time to enjoy its phenomenally breath taking awesomeness!  
The waves are in turmoil, they crash, then they settle.  The ocean mimics life (or possibly life mimics the ocean).  Either way you look at it, the beauty of the ocean and the beauty of life are to be savored and enjoyed!  Do not take either for granted!  The ocean will be here tomorrow, but the beauty that is your life may not be! 
Enjoy every moment, love feverishly, dance often, and enjoy the waves!


  1. Lisa Harris says

    I have pictures of those rocks….well maybe not exactly those rocks, then again, could be those rocks…of when we were there a few years ago. It was really windy so I got a lot of waves crashing photos. Love them!

  2. Jules Cohn says

    You are so inspiring-I love what you wrote! Another thing we have in common–I too, love the awesomeness of the ocean and miss being able to see it everyday. Thank you for continuing to show photos of your beautiful island, so I can still enjoy the views!

  3. Glenda Embree says

    I would love to be able to be nearer the ocean, sometimes. I especially love the sounds at night. Christy, you rock! Jules clued me in about your one-year anniversary coming up soon. Congratulations! I have so enjoyed “meeting” you and getting to be friends! Big HUG!

  4. clgossett says

    @Lisa – please come back and visit again soon! I’d like to think we have pictures of the same rocks! Makes me feel closer for some reason 🙂
    @Jules – like sisters and that makes me feel honored!
    @Glenda – you are always welcome if you want to visit and thank you!
    @MissOhio (lol) – it is pretty and I am thankful!

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