Galveston Club Paradise: 61st Street Pier

The 61st Street Pier is pretty cool really. It’s a jetty that leads to a building, that leads to a full blown pier where people fish and look over the ocean’s beauty. I’m drawn to this building for many reasons. I love the colors, I love the location, and I wish I could live here actually. 
You’re not allowed to build a home on the Seawall side anymore apparently. I understand, hurricanes and the like might take you out. But the idea of living RIGHT THERE is so appealing to me. But instead, since I can’t do that, I just enjoy this sight every time I drive by, which is often. 
I don’t go out on this pier because you have to pay. I don’t understand why they charge just to walk out there really. More people would likely walk out there and spend money in the gift shop if the walk was free. But that’s their business and if they want to loose the revenue, they have that choice. 
Me? I’ll just enjoy the view from the Seawall and move along to somewhere like Murdoch’s where I can enjoy the view for free and spend my money on more important things like fun stuff for our new condo. More on Murdoch’s later. Seriously, if you ever stop by Galveston, Murdoch’s is a place you’ll want to visit…for free!


  1. clgossett says

    Most of the island colors do. It’s very cheery. Mardi Gras starts this weekend and you should see the colors that fly then! Oh wait…you will if you stop back by after the parades and parties. I’ll be sure to post.

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