Galveston Club Paradise: The Anticipation of the Parade

Mardi Gras is in full force on the island. It’s festive and there’s purple, green, and gold everywhere you look. Every year my family looks forward to the Mardi Gras Children’s Parade hosted by the Firefighters Local 571. This year, we got there early. We wanted to be in the front row. We had prime real estate for viewing, catching beads, and candy.
The weather wasn’t fabulous but that didn’t stop the crowds. When we got there at 1:30, the weather wasn’t bad at all and the Seawall from 27th Street to 47th Street was jam packed. It was in the 70’s and relatively sunny. The parade started at 2:00 and we were oh-so-ready.
Unfortunately, we only got to see half of the parade. The weather did one of its strange island twists and as we stood enjoying the beginning of the parade, we watched as the waves got angry, we felt the gusts of wind, and we shivered as the temperature dropped and the rain started to fall.
The babies got some beads (no candy and Bubby was so bummed about that) and we enjoyed the parade until we had to head for cover. I took plenty of pictures and I’ll be back to share them throughout the week. The colors were amazing. The colors of the island always amaze me, even through the storms. Be sure to drop back by because I feel a photo bomb coming on. 


  1. clgossett says

    Yes, of course they do. Purple (gag), gold, and green. I think of your #purplearmy every day during this season. Purple adorns my house. But there was the coolest native American dressed in bright pink and green at the parade yesterday. Highlight actually. 😉

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