The Island Night Sky

For me, the palms and the sky actually “make” the island. There’s so much more to enjoy around here but this sight is always calming to me. Our skies are beautiful…morning, noon, and night. They are full of colors and textures and each and every time you look up, the sky is different. I suppose it’s like that most places but I never noticed until moving here. I think I totally roped the moon this time.
And then there are the palms. Let’s get one thing really clear, I’m a fan of trees and nature. But I hate pines. As in despise them. They hate me (and my allergies) with the same fierceness that I hate them. One of the main reasons I was so excited to leave Georgia and The Woods was because of the dang pines. They’re ugly, they smell…well piney…and they’re ugly (yes, I know I already said that). But we live amongst the palms now. Palms blow gently in the breeze, they dance actually. They whip with the furious island winds and their dance becomes more intense. They are beautiful and I think they love me (and my allergies) as much as I love them.
This view is from just outside of my home. I love it here for the beauty, for the serenity, and because this is my forever home. This is where I have always belonged and I’m happy and almost complete again.


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