Life’s a Beach

This is my babies’ “normal”. This is their life. Sure they deal with seaweed since we live on the gulf, but their life is a beach and they love it. I can only envy them. I wish I grew up like this. 

I grew up with ice, snow, sludge, and slush for about 8 months out of the year. I hated it. I vowed that my children wouldn’t weather those extremes. They don’t. I’m thankful. 

But I wonder if they know how lucky they are? I wonder if they appreciate the life they are afforded? They should appreciate this. They do, and they don’t I guess because they know no better.

We really should travel more so they could see what it’s like in other regions. I want them to appreciate their lives more. I want them to know that living on a beach is a blessing. I want them to know how lucky they are.

They’ll know in time, I’m sure, but sometimes I want them to know now, and to appreciate it. They take too much for granted. They shouldn’t. They have so much. Life isn’t always a beach. They should know. 

But on second thought, I’d rather shelter them and let them think that life is in fact a beach. Unfortunately the world will teach them otherwise as they grow, but for now, I’ll just let them enjoy their “normal”. 


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