Auntie Em…We’ve Got Tornadoes on the Island…and It’s Super Cool!

Island Living, Galveston, tornado
I’m highly aware that tornadoes aren’t always super cool. They can be incredibly devastating and I’m not trying to take away from that. But here on the island, they are SUPER cool for the most part. They pretty much stay over the ocean and they disappear into the sky as quickly as they descend. They are a force of nature and watching their magnificent spiraling beauty is ominous. We’ve seen quite a few but I don’t always have my camera on me. This weekend, while hanging out on the back porch, trying to relax a little between moving, we saw touchdown. The power of nature can be frightening but sometimes it’s just beautiful and we need to take it in and admire its beauty. This weekend we admired nature’s powerful beauty. I’m glad they stay at bay but I’m thankful I get to experience their beauty (from afar). I have no desire to be a storm chaser (that’s just crazy) but it was exhilarating to catch this shot and I hope I get another chance soon.

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