Enjoying the Island Wildlife

Living in Galveston is enjoyable for many reasons but one of the things I’ve come to realize that I enjoy the most is just watching (no, not in a stalker kind of way…stop that). I sit and watch people interact. I sit and watch children play. I sit and watch the tide roll in. And I sit and watch the sunset. 

I never thought I’d be a bird watcher though but the birds on my island are interesting and always active. This little flock of…ummm…errr…I have no clue gathered in the lawn outside of my balcony last night and I sat and watched them. They were quirky, active, and pecking away at something in the grass with their long razor like beaks. And I watched. I was amused and calmed by the scenery. 

For the record, after they flew away (yea, thanks B for coming out there and making all of that noise and scaring my little friends away), I came in and Googled them. Still have no clue exactly what they are. Cranes? Egrets? Heck, I don’t know, but I like them and hope they come back. I love this place!

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