A Tiki Bar in my living room? The G Spot is now open!

tiki 2 9 14 IINAO

Who needs a tiki bar in their living room? Well I asked myself that very same thing when B brought it up. Apparently, we do. And now we have one. And I must admit, it’s kind of fun and I’ve taken a liking to the fish tank that I never really cared about before (even bought some new fish in pretty neon greens and pinks).

So yes, now there’s a tiki bar as pretty much the focal point of my home. It is what it is. He still needs to do a few finishing touches but I like it.

It’s cool, it fits my island decor, and well…how many people can say they have a fish tank, tiki bar, G Spot (and stop being dirty…we’re the Gossetts, it’s our spot) in their living room, right?

Happy Hump Day! Once we make it to the weekend, consider stopping by and having a drink on us.


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    Ok, so the title kinda drew me in…. my mind went all 12 year old boy for a minute there. And is that seriously a tiki bar in your living room? I’m loving that aquarium! It’s beautiful, Christy! Oh, how our Harold cat would love that. LOL

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      Quite honestly, I was never fond of the aquarium. I don’t “do” fish. But now it’s such a focal point and looks so pretty, I stare at it all the time and it brings an odd peace over me. I guess we needed this bar in our living room!


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