DIY Valentine’s Day Tackle Boxes with Free Printable

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My babies attend a magnet school of oceanic studies and I wanted to send something ocean themed for their Valentine’s Day parties this year. I came across an idea for Valentine “tackle boxes” and I just knew I had to figure out how to do it. I know it’s a little late to be sharing Valentine’s Day ideas, but OH-EM-GEE, y’all, these came out so cute, I just HAD to share so that you can tuck this idea away for next year. Instead of handing out store-bought cards that will just be thrown away by the other kids, my babies will be handing out Valentine’s Day Tackle Boxes this year full of candy and crackers instead. This is kind of time consuming so you might not want to make 46 like I did (hello overcommitter), but they are such a cute gift idea, I’m sure your kids would love getting these instead of a store-bought card or gift.

Valentine Tackle Boxes, DIY Valentine Gifts

If you’d like to make these Valentine’s Day Tackle Boxes for your little ones, here’s what you’ll need (quantities listed are per box):

  • 1 4-Compartment Container with Flip Top Lids
  • 10 Gold Fish Crackers
  • 3 Swedish Fish
  • 4 Gummy Worms
  • 3 JuJu Fish
  • 3 ft red, white, or pink ribbon
  • Card Stock (I used Avery Business Cards Template 8371 and cut them down a bit after printing)
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors

Each box costs roughly $2.00 to make so this is a super affordable gift that they’ll love. Assembly is really easy, but putting 46 of these together took some serious time for sure. If you’re only putting together a couple, it won’t take any time at all. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Fill each container with the candy or crackers and close lids.
  • Cut a 3′ piece of ribbon.
  • Write out or print your tackle box tag. If you’re making mass quantities like me, get some Avery Business Cards 8371 and use this free printable for your tags.
  • Punch a hole in the top corner of your tag.
  • Wrap the ribbon across the top of the box, flip it over, crisscross in the middle on the bottom, then wrap it around the top tying it in a knot at the middle of the box.
  • Thread tag onto the ribbon and tie it off again.
  • Make ribbon curls using your scissors, and you’re done.

DIY Valentine's Gifts for Kids
So simple, extremely affordable, and super cute for the ocean lovers in your life. The best part is that there is virtually no waste with this gift idea. They’ll eat the candy and crackers and the containers are reusable. They aren’t large, but they are perfect for craft beads, hair ties, or any other small items you or your kids need to store. These turned out really great, way better than I expected from my non-crafty self, and the babies have already asked if we’ll be making them again next year.


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