She’s Gone Country…

That’s beautiful, right? Such a lovely country setting. You’d expect to see this in a country field, in Georgia or Alabama or something. You wouldn’t expect to see this on an island in Texas I’d guess. 
But you’d be wrong. You see, our beautiful island isn’t just wonderful beaches with fabulous waves (that we all know I’m obsessed with by this point). Nope, there’s country living on the outskirts. Windmills, horses, cows…vast farm land in fact. And it’s a beautiful thing. 
You see, I’m a country girl at heart. Actually, if you know me at all, you might just call me a red neck. It’s OK. I know what I am and I own it. Earlier today, B and I were riding around the island looking at houses. We were on the far west end and I was admiring the houses and looking at the places that I’d like to buy in the next year. He assured me that if we moved to that side of the island, we would most certainly stand out as the red necks and he was OK with it as long as I was. This is the higher end of the island. 
I pondered quietly for awhile. Did I want to be the stand out red neck. Have I gone that country? Then finally, I spoke up, and what I said made perfect sense to both of us. 
“B…I’m thinking that other than Heard County (those of you unfamiliar with Heard County GA…Google it…one stop light…no lie…so you can get the analogy) we’ve pretty much always stood out as the red necks. I’m good.”
And so I’ll be searching. I want to live right next to the waves. I’ll be happy to go to the outer edges to view the windmills, horses, and cows. And I’m satisfied with the reality that “going country” is something I don’t need to do. I’ve been there all along!   

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