Kayaking on the Bay Side

Since I’m obsessed with the waves, skies, and beaches, I rarely share all of the other amazing aspects of Galveston Island. Occasionally I venture to other areas of the island because B loves to fish. As in LOOOOVES to fish. And I just enjoy spending time with him.
He once spent 16 hours fishing and that’s no fish tale. I can’t complain. He’s reeled in all kinds of interesting creatures, even sharks. I’m a fan of free groceries so I’m OK with this hobby. 
We recently bought a kayak. It’s rather large. It lived in my living room for a night and now it takes up my back porch until his custom truck rack is finished. But that’s off topic…you aren’t surprised. 
He wanted to take the babies out for a little spin in the kayak. He and his buddies have no problem at all taking kayaks out in the ocean waves. I, however, have a huge problem with him taking my babies out in a kayak in the ocean waves. So we headed bay side. The waters are calm on the bay side, the houses are beautiful, and it’s peaceful. 
The whole point of the day was for B to give Bubby a ride in the kayak. Not happening. 
You moms might spot B’s rookie dad mistake right off but let me explain anyway. He put this overly intelligent, momma’s boy of a 4 year old in the kayak by himself. His plan was to push Bubby off and jump in behind him and take a ride. But the second Bubby felt the kayak moving beneath him and didn’t feel the protection of a parent…he went all Christy on the situation. “I wanna get out…I wanna get out…there’s sharks out there…I’m agraib of the sharks!”. And so the meltdown began. 
 Game over. Exit Bubby…stage left even.
Everything turned out alright. B and Bug took a little ride around the bay while Bubby and I cheesed it up at the truck. I ran around taking pictures (which I love to do), Bubby enjoyed entertaining me (which he loves to do), and B and Bug got a little time together (which they totally love to do).
Every day is a great day on the island and there’s something for everyone. Wait until the Summer when I actually venture out much more. Are you ready to see the Pleasure Pier, The Strand, the skateboard park, the bike riders, and more? You’ll have to stick around because I have plenty more to share! It’s really not all about the waves, the skies, and the beach (to anyone but me).


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    I’m living all the pics and the stories! I can’t wait to visit again. I can’t even thunk if a place that would make me as happy as you seem to be.

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    Poor little Bubby. I hope it did not make him hate kayaking. Do you ever go with your hubby in his kayak fishing trips, Christy? It would be real fun.

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