Enjoying the Harvest Moon Regatta: View from Galveston’s Seawall

Every year in Galveston, just off the coast for one day in October, we get to witness something amazing. The Harvest Moon Regatta makes its way down our coast and vibrant, brilliantly colored sailboats by the 100’s race their way through the gulf. This race, this tradition, started back in 1987 and the concept was conceived at a Yacht Club bar over some Bacardi. But unlike most bar talk, this dream came true for these sailors and we as locals are thrilled that this tradition continues.
They may be racing and fulfilling their sailing goals for the year, but honestly, the babies and I just enjoy watching. We love to see them move past the seawall, sails high, colors popping in the distance. And we all always pick out our favorite. I suppose we should pick by who the best sailor is, but we always just tend to go with the one we find the most appealing. Bug loved the one in the middle with the bright red and white sail. Bubby was a huge fan of the one toward the back with the blue sails. And of course I was most fond of one of the front-runners, the pink sail boat. 
There’s just something magical about the whole thing. Maybe you have to be there to truly feel it. Maybe you don’t. But standing there, on the seawall with the babies, I feel the excitement and I long to sail. Maybe one day, I’ll get to take part in this. I sure hope so!
We actually stood there for quite some time this year. We watched them come in as Bug was getting off of school. We stayed until they were specs in the distance. It was a good day. I love enjoying the beauty of my surroundings, and I love that my surroundings are so beautiful.

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