October Sunset in Galveston

There’s much I love about this island. Y’all know that by now. But one of my favorite things, which you also already know, is to watch the beautiful sunsets and stand in constant awe of the amazing colors as they appear and evolve. 

Halloween was a night of fun filled with candy, dress up, family time, and imaginative play. But it was also an evening filled with the most beautiful orange sky. I believe the island sky decided to partake in a little Halloween fun this year as well and dressed up as a flaming pumpkin. It was beautiful and something I had to capture and share. 

Remember to look around today. You’re right where you belong and I’m sure you can find beauty in your surroundings. Sometimes we have to look harder than others, but sometimes, that beauty just shows itself with a brilliance that can’t be ignored. Just to remind us. I’m thankful for these reminders and I know, no matter what, I’m right where I belong.


  1. stevebethere says

    That is beautiful we rarely get a sky like that in London heheh!

    Have a sunsetastic weekend and thanks for waltzing by 😉

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