Sandhill Cranes on the Island

birds 2 9 14There are these birds in the field behind our complex that intrigue me. Until about a year ago, birds frightened me. Now I’m intrigued. Odd, I know. Odder still? I’ve been trying to identify birds through interwebz searches. And I’m taking photos of them. I think I’ve gone loopy. BUT, I had a breakthrough this weekend and I turned into a full-on geek. And it was exciting.

bird in field 2 9 14These beauties are Sandhill Cranes. BAM…I figured it out. Apparently they breed in Siberia and Alaska, but they don’t like the cold weather so they hang out in my neck of the woods during the winter. I can’t blame them. I hate the cold too. And if they think this is warm, it’s obvious they come from the places on my list of places that I never want to visit. Siberia and Alaska. I shudder to THINK of those cold climates, let alone visit.

But, I’ve identified my feathered friends, and now I know how to figure out what all of the other birds on the island are. I’m a nerd like that. It’s interesting and cool, in a nerdy sort of way.

I’m just kind of sad knowing that they’ll be flying home this summer. I’ll miss watching their quirky behavior and I look forward to their return, just not the weather that brings them.


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    I love birds! Living on the lake we had some amazing birds. We had a birder book that my boys would go and grab every time we thought we found a new bird. And like you, we took lots of pictures of them! How fun that you’re not freaked out about them any more. =)

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