The Beauty and Strength of Galveston’s Jetties

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We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. ~Mother Teresa

I live in a beautiful corner of the country. I’ve wanted to live in a spot like this my entire life actually, but now that I do, I rarely take the time to get out and enjoy its beauty. But I’ve had a rough couple of weeks lately and I’ve felt like a failure as a parent. My babies, mostly Bug, keep acting up. I mean constantly. Talking back, breaking rules, failing to complete tasks…it’s been very emotionally trying. Thankfully though, she had a project due for school focusing on Galveston’s landmarks and the resiliency of the people of this amazing island. So I took a break from work and we took a break from fussing, grabbed the camera and headed out to some of our favorite places to capture the beauty. I chose first. I’m the mom, I can do that. One of my favorite sites on our slice of paradise to me are the jetties. I love their presence, and their strength. In a way, they give me strength, and they serve to protect our ocean.

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I’ve explained the difference between a pier and a jetty before, but I don’t know that I explained the importance of the jetties very well. The Jetties along Galveston’s beaches are not only for family walks out into the ocean or fishing, they actually help to control beach erosion. Galveston is the largest city in the United States located completely on a barrier island and much like our Seawall, these jetties are here to help protect us. So I not only admire their beauty, but I admire the fact that they help to protect my island, my family, from harm. And their strong presence and beauty help me find my happy place when I’m doubting my significance in this world.

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