Surf with Santa at Schlitterbahn’s Holiday Splash

Thanks to Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, and US Family Guide, we had the best weekend ever surfing with Santa, riding the waves, and seeing amazing ice sculptures for the holidays. As always, all opinions and photos are entirely my own. #BahnHoliday #MGIceLand

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I’m a huge fan of Christmas. I love everything about it. Until now, I thought I lived the perfect life during the holiday season. Now I know I was missing out. My kids, my family, have been missing out for years. But no more! Surfing with Santa is a thing and island living just got better because Schlitterbahn‘s Holiday Splash thrilled my babies this weekend and I’ll be hard pressed to ever one up this new holiday tradition. You don’t have a desire to surf with Santa (what is wrong with you)? There’s still plenty more to do and this is the place you’ll want to be this holiday season.

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My babies love Schlitterbahn during the summer, and the minute we walked in, I knew they’d love it just as much during the winter months. Everything was decked out for the holidays, the place was nice and toasty heated, and Christmas music was streaming wonderfully throughout the park. Something for everyone that children of all ages could enjoy.

Schlitterbahn Holiday Splash, indoor water parks, Galveston Christmas

Literally, they had me at heated! I don’t do cold well, and although it’s been in the 70’s here, that’s cold to me. Schlitterbahn is open weekends from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm now until January 4th. If you’re in the area, or just looking for a vacation destination, this is something you won’t want to miss. There’s so much to do!

galveston, christmas in galveston, schlitterbahn water park

There are bounce houses. Who doesn’t love a good bounce house?

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A full indoor water playground for kids in the Torrent Beach Kid’s Area.

galveston, schlitterbahn, holiday happenings in galveston, indoor water parks

The babies seriously love this area of the park. Plus, did I mention it’s warm?

galveston attractions, heated water park, water slides, schlitterbahn

A lot of the water slides are open. This was the most hysterical thing of the day for me. I stepped back for most of the day and watched. Did you know that everyone that comes out of a water slide looks like this? All legs. So many legs. All the legs. Simply snort worthy.

galveston christmas attractions, schlitterbahn

And they seemed pretty happy too. I call this a win for everyone.

schlitterbahn, deck the bahn, christmas ornaments

And how would the day be complete without a little crafting? The Ornament Factory allows you to sit back and relax while your kids enjoy some crafting time. They have fun making their own ornaments and there’s a bonus. If you take your kid’s picture with their ornament while you’re still at the Ornament Factory, be sure to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #DeckTheBahn, tag @schlitterbahnwaterparks, and you’ll instantly enter your child to win a full season pass to Schlitterbahn for 2015.

schlitterbahn, teen activities in galveston, teens at christmas in galveston

I know, you’ve got teens/tweens and none of this interests you because I always focus on the littles. But you know what? There’s something for everyone at Schlitterbahn Galveston. These adorable girls (thank you girls for posing for me and thanks, Dad, for telling me I could share their beauty with the world) were having a ball too. The slides, the Torrent River, the surfing? That was enough to keep them happy and occupied too.

galveston, schlitterbahn, torrent river, galveston family activities, holiday vacations, christmas vacation ideas

Our Schlitterbahn Torrent River is not the lazy river you’re used to at the typical water park. You don’t just float around this river, you RIDE it.

indoor water park, galveston, schlitterbahn, torrent river
The waves get serious up in there. Hold on to your babies, but don’t worry…

galveston, schlitterbahn, kid-safe activities

The park, the floats, and the lifeguards (strategically placed) are all kid safe, even by this over-protective mommy’s standards!

Schlitterbahn santa kylee surf

But for us? The highlight? Surfing with Santa. This was flippin awesome. Your kids will never look at Santa the same or respect him more. This was amazeballs. Surfing with Santa. Now, our world is a better place and our new holiday tradition should become yours too. You can’t beat this with a ten-foot candy cane. Not convinced you should make this your new holiday destination? Watch the trailer below and we’ll see you soon!

Be sure to visit Schlitterbahn on the interwebz to see what they have to offer all year long, like them on Facebook and follow along on Twitter. And stop back by here this week because I want you to hear all about our crazy, frozen adventures at Moody Garden’s ICE LAND too. It’s a frozen (literally) adventure you won’t want to miss when you visit our beautiful island!



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