The Galveston Seawall

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As you all know, I love this island. I love its history. I love its resiliency. It’s an amazing and beautiful place that I’m happy to call home. Our history is rich, and our people are strong. Our Seawall stands because the citizens before me weren’t willing to give up on this amazing island, despite the storms.

The fact that Galveston still exists today after the Great Storm of 1900, Ike, and countless other storms is because of the determination of our government and citizens. The Seawall began construction in September of 1902 and the first 3.3 miles was complete in July of 1904. It was extended to over 10 miles between 1904 and 1963. Its purpose is to protect the island and the people who live here from the Gulf surges that hurricanes produce. It continues to protect us from storms, even today, and has saved countless lives over the years.

Our Seawall is beautiful, despite the attempts to defile it with graffiti. It’s functional and I’m comforted in knowing that it’s there to protect and to serve. I don’t walk down the Seawall often enough anymore. I don’t take the time to admire its beauty, and its strength, like I used to. But I know it’s there. I know its purpose. And I’m thankful.

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