ICE LAND at Moody Gardens…It’s Cold, but It’s Cool!

Thanks to Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, and US Family Guide, we had an awesome (but freezing) time seeing amazing ice sculptures for the holidays. As always, all opinions and photos are entirely my own. #BahnHoliday #MGIceLand

moody gardens pose with spongebob text

Last weekend, we surfed with Santa on Saturday in the balmy Texas sun and then on Sunday, we headed to Moody Gardens ICE LAND for some frigid fun. And by frigid, I mean like 9 degrees frigid. We’re not talking Celsius people, we’re talking Fahrenheit (OMGoodness…I had no clue how to spell that word). It was super cool, but it was super cold too. Have I mentioned that? But it was amazing. I mean, who knew people could do all of this with ice? A skilled team of 31 internationally-acclaimed professional ice carvers from Harbin, China dove into 900 tons of ice and transformed them into majestic marvels featuring holiday scenes with the beloved Bikini Bottom inhabitants from Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants. Bubby was SO there. And so I followed along. But instead of talking too much like I always do (y’all, SHUSH, I talk too much, it’s my thing), I’m going to photobomb you because this is photobomb-worthy. It was THAT cool (and cold).

moody gardens under the sea outside

You can easily spot the tent and know that you’re heading under the frozen sea as soon as you enter Moody Gardens.

moody gardens high 5

Hello pandas! High fives for everyone!

As soon as you walk in, SpongeBob is there to welcome you with frozen fun.

moody gardens parkas

And don’t worry if you aren’t dressed for the temps. Moody Gardens provides you with parkas. Although I do highly recommend that you dress warmly even before putting these parkas on!

 moody gardens patrick tree bright

Wait. How do I get that (Patrick) star on my tree? Have I mentioned this is ALL made out of ice? AH-MAZING!

moody gardens ice slides

Ice slides.

moody gardens details

Ice walls!

moody gardens patrick and sandy

Literally, ice fun everywhere!

moody gardens bah humbug

Near the end, though, I’ll admit I was getting a little cold (frozen) and ready to go.

moody gardens plankton adjust

And I was feeling a little like Plankton.

moody gardens glasses

Because, literally, my glasses were even frozen! But the whole thing was really cool (cold).

moody gardens family

We really did enjoy this experience (despite my whining about being cold). If you’re in the area, you need to visit this amazing attraction. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life and it literally took my breath away (both from the cold and from the awesome sights). This is an experience you won’t want to miss. People in Texas don’t get to experience this kind of winter fun usually, and I’m glad my family got to enjoy this together without even leaving our island.

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