Tropical Storm Bill Visits Galveston in June 2015

Photos from The Seawall in Galveston, TX on June 16, 2015 when Tropical Storm Bill touched shore.

On June 16, 2015, my family and I listened to the news and watched for the arrival of Tropical Storm Bill. It was supposed to be huge and B’s job site was even shut down so he stayed home. I worked…of course…but I really wanted to go to the Seawall to see how bad it really was. It sure didn’t seem like more than just a typical storm from the house and it certainly wasn’t all that the every-once-in-awhile-right weather men were predicting. There was a lot of rain, flooding in the streets, and wind. Literally just like a typical storm on the island. But storms on the island always make the ocean angry, and for some odd reason, I’m a fan of watching an angry ocean. Apparently, I’m not alone because there were plenty of locals and tourists taking in the scenery too.

Galveston Tropical Storm Bill 6 16 15

The Gulf of Mexico along Galveston Island is typically pretty calm, so the waves always fascinate me. It’s no Hawaii, I know, but these are some pretty good-sized waves for these parts.

Tropical Storm Bill 6 16 15 Galveston TX Seawall

I really had expected more, apparently others armed with cell phones to take pictures and videos did a well, but it was still cool to see just the same. Our waters didn’t fair too well with this storm. Apparently there’s “poop” on our beaches which is totally not cool, and the water is a creepy greenish brown color. Yuck!

So, maybe Tropical Storm Bill wasn’t as big as it was expected to be. Maybe I was a little let down (I’m sick like that) with what I could see, but it was totally cool to watch. I don’t long for a hurricane…at all…and I know the quickest escape route. But this hurricane season, I vow to take a little more time off from work to take off to head to the Seawall and enjoy the fury that this season brings. Be back later with the next storm’s beauty!

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