Family and the Beach: My 2 Favorite Subjects

Family and the beach, they’re my two favorite subjects, as they should be. A family day at the beach is the greatest and I’m just happy to live in a place where that’s the norm and shiny, happy people are everywhere.

family and the beach

For me, living on Galveston Island is a true blessing. There’s nothing better than my family and the beach…period. There’s just something so peaceful and invigorating about a day at the beach. Watching them play, feeling the breeze, taking in the salt air…you really can’t beat that.

beach and the family

A boy and his dad.

beach day 3

 A handsome little smarty pants.

beach day 5

A hot dog eating contest winner and beauty queen in the making.

beach day 6

And relaxing in the sun (OK, shade…I hide under a tent…because skin damage).

beach day 7

And goofy, rare moments where I don’t hide behind the camera…because I’m always there!

beach day 9

These are the (beach) days of our lives.

beach day 8

I love my life, I love my island, and most importantly, I love my family. Life (and our beaches) ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful life. Let’s all remember that and let’s all remember to enjoy all of the little, special moments that this life has to offer!

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