The SS Selma in Galveston

The SS Selma was an oil tanker built in 1919, one of 12 concrete vessels, of the 24 designed, to actually launch. It’s the only permanent, and prominent wreck along the Houston Ship Channel. It lies approximately one mile north of Galveston Island.

SS Selma Galveston

SS Selma: An Ominous Site to See in Galveston, TX

The S.S. Selma is an ominous site in the Galveston Island ship channel. We’ve seen it many times from the ferry, but never close up. I’ve read about it often, because I’m cool like that, but I’d never seen it close up. One Saturday, we launched from the Galveston Yacht Basin to head out on a boat ride. It’s a bumpy ride in a pontoon, especially on a windy day, but I had my eye on the prize and asked B to drive me out to see this monument, up close and personal. He obliged.

If you want to ride the Galveston Ship Channel, I suggest you launch from the Galveston Yacht Basin. It does cost $20 to launch, and parking is kind of far away, but it’s the the best place to launch if you want to see Selma, the many cruise ships, and just enjoy the amazing sites that the ship channel has to offer.

To us, the Yacht Basin doesn’t seem to offer much as far as amenities, food choices, etc., go, but it’s a good place to launch, and they have an awesome boat ramp with safe parking!

Back to the SS Selma…

SS Selma

Boating up to the S.S. Selma is, as I’ve said, ominous. It’s a concrete ship, y’all. It’s massive. It’s a wreckage. It’s been here forever…OK, since 1922, but let’s don’t split hairs.

SS Selma

It’s just an amazing site to ride up to. If you’re visiting the island, take the Galveston Ferry because you’ll see it. If you live here…GET ON YOUR BOAT and ride out there. Just be sure to have a depth finder because it’s kind of crazy out there.

ss slema

It’s just way too beautiful, historic, and ominous (have I said that before?) to miss. You haven’t traveled the ship channel until you’ve seen the S.S. Selma up close and personal. I’d love to board this ship. I’d love to FEEL the history. I’m too scared to do all of that, but I’m glad that I got close enough to FEEL it’s amazement.

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