Boating in the Galveston Ship Channel

Ever wanted to take your boat out into the Galveston Ship Channel, but you were unsure what you’d see and how it would go? It’s a beautiful, fun, and bumpy ride you’re going to love!

boating in the galveston ship channel

If you’ve ever thought of boating in the Galveston Ship Channel, but were apprehensive because you thought you’d have to have a HUGE boat to enjoy the ride, you totally should because your boat doesn’t have to be huge to enjoy the ride. It can be bumpy at times, of course, but be sure to check the weather and the ocean reports before heading out. It’s so much fun. We have a 16′ pontoon and it handles the waves (and those crazy wakes from the big boats) very well.

boating in the galveston ship channel

If the ship channel is what you seek, your best bet is to launch your boat from the Galveston Yacht Basin. It’s a little pricey, in my humble opinion, at $20 per launch, but they have a great ramp, ample parking, and there are some food trucks if you need something to eat before you head out. And the pelicans (my personal favorite island characters) will be sure to see you out on your way.

carnival cruises in the galveston ship channel

When you first head out, you’ll see the ominous site of the cruise ships, including the Carnival Breeze and other lines. We went on a Carnival cruise last year and had a blast. More on that later! If you think those ships feel huge when you’re ON them, just wait until you see what they look like when you’re literally under them, they’re so impressive!

galveston ship channel pier 21

You’ll ride by Pier 21 which is always full of activity and fun. You can actually dock at Fisherman’s Wharf and dine, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it. Although the view is beautiful from the deck, the food is mediocre at best, the service is kind of OK, and it’s pretty overpriced. Definitely not the fine dining you’d expect for the price.

galveston ship channel

Once you pass the pier, be sure to take in all of the amazing sites. The barges, the big ships…the moving cities if you will.

galveston ship channel glovis

It’s all truly just beautiful, ominous, and powerful.

galveston ship channel oil rigs

Boating in the Galveston Ship Channel is a Blast!

Talk about cities on the ocean? Oil rigs are pretty amazing, because that’s exactly what they are. These guys basically live here, for long periods of time, fueling our nation. Yup, that’s pretty amazing right there, and you can witness this right from your boat in the Galveston Ship Channel.

galveston ship channel southwest shipyard llc

Honestly, I don’t even know what amazes me about some of these buildings, some of these sights, but I can’t get enough, and I hope you have the same experience that my family does when you boat through the Galveston Ship Channel!

bubby in the galveston ship channel

Life is merely a dream. Enjoy it, live it, boat in the Galveston Ship Channel the first chance you get. Enjoy the wonderment through the eyes of a child and just get out there and have fun! You won’t regret a minute of it, until the BIG boats go flying by with their HUGE wakes of course (if you’re anything like me, but it’ll be fine!). You’ll have a blast and I highly recommend this family day of fun to anyone and everyone that ever gets the chance!

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