Boating in Offats Bayou Galveston {and Surrounding Area}

Offats Bayou Galveston is an estuary located on the east end of Galveston Island. It’s a great area for boating, fishing, and enjoying the beauty of the Galveston Bay area.

boating in offats bayou galveston

If you want to take your boat out to Offats Bayou Galveston, knowing where to launch is key. We recommend Waterman’s Marina. The location is beautifully set by the state parks, the restaurant offers great seafood (kind of pricy), and there’s a lovely little bar and grill below, the Outpost, just below the restaurant with affordable food, great drinks, and a super friendly staff (more on that later). Launch is only $10 (the ramp is fabulous), and there’s a little bait shop there and a place to gas up.

offats bayou galveston houses

As soon as you leave the marina, you’ll see why we love the island so much. The sites, the structures, the houses, just everything is gorgeous.

offats bayou galveston houses

Everyone embraces our beach culture and makes it their own. This is the beauty of living on Galveston Island…a bunch of unique individuals and families embracing the beauty that we’ve been blessed with…and I love it!

offats bayou galveston fishing

But for me, even more beautiful than the sites throughout Offats Bayou Galveston, are the sites and fun within our own boat. There’s fishing…which is always fun no matter whether we catch anything or not.

offats bayou galveston swimming

And the missing-tooth smiles that only swimming in the ocean can entice. For the record, yes, I know our waters aren’t the bluest on the planet (hello, Gulf of Mexico), but something about swimming in the great blue (sometimes green) sea, is the most incredible experience a child can have and I love everything about this because the bayou is a safe place for them to swim!

offats bayou galveston boating fun

And there are always shiny, happy people to encounter on the bayou. Wether they be parked for a picnic…

offats bayou galveston jet skiing

Jet skiing…

offats bayou galveston tubing

Or tubing…everyone is always having fun and always has a smile on their face. Life is good like that here on the island.

offats bayou galveston wildlife

And to me, the wild life is amazing. So powerful, so beautiful, so peaceful. The pelicans are my favorites.

offats bayou galveston cranes

The cranes are a close second, because they’re pretty darn cool too.

offats bayou galveston sunset

But my favorite part about boating on Offats Bayou, or anything on this island actually, is the sunset. We have the most beautiful skies, day and night, but there’s something magical about the shadows it casts on our skies, our people, and our hearts.

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