Discover the Wonders of Cruising from Galveston

Looking for an affordable family vacation idea? Discover the wonders of Cruising from Galveston! There are affordable packages for everyone and no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it here.

cruising from galveston

Cruising from Galveston is affordable family fun. Sure, you can go to Disney World (which is super fun), but you need to pay for transportation to and from Orlando, lodging, park tickets, food, and everything else. With a Carnival Cruise, or other cruise lines, you can do an all-inclusive package with add ons for about $2,000 for a family of four. All of the food, drink (with the appropriate add-on tickets), and entertainment your family will ever need, all in one place. Throw in pitstops in foreign lands, and you’ve got yourself a winner of a vacation for the entire family. The coolest part is, with a cruise, you can actually (although we did not) book early with a small down payment and make small payments monthly to pay the total amount prior to sailing.

My family booked a 5-day Western Caribbean Cruise on the Carnival Triumph. There were five us so we got two rooms, a single for the kids (don’t worry…the oldest was 18), and a suite with a balcony for us. We left from Galveston on a Monday, a fun day at sea on Tuesday, Cozumel on Wednesday, Progresso on Thursday, another day at sea on Thursday, and we headed home that Friday. Here are a few cruise do’s and don’ts.

cruising from galveston

The DO List for Cruising from Galveston

DO enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean from your balcony every chance you get, especially if you don’t live near the ocean. There’s something so fascinating, soothing, and calming about it all, and that alone is worth the money!

DO enjoy overindulging on all of the fabulous food that’s available on the boat 24/7. From pizza to tacos to endless buffets of all sorts, and fro-yo of course, it’s totally OK (and expected) to overindulge on your vacation. It won’t cost one extra dime and a trip or two to the gym when you get back will take care of any “buildup” you may accumulate.

DO remember to take more photos on board the ship (I did not) so that you remember every detail. The pools, the hot tubs, the mini golf courses, the (OMG Bubby couldn’t stop riding) water slides, the lido deck, just everything. Actually the on-boat experience is the absolute best part of the whole trip, as it should be!

DO visit the casino, at least once. Come on, live a little!

DO buy the endless bubbles passes for the kids, and DO buy yourself the endless drink tickets. Although you’ll never use up your daily allowance (OK, you could, but you’d die), the money savings is well worth it!

DO visit the destinations that you never have before when the boat stops, even if you know not what you’re getting into.

 cruising from galveston

Case in point…our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico and I was excited. I know it’s not “real” Mexico, more “touristy Mexico”, but I was excited and so were the kids. It was fun. It was touristy.

cruising to cozumel mexico

DO feel free to be a tourist, because you are when you leave a cruise ship and enter a port of call. We totally did and I don’t regret a minute of it!

cruising from galveston texas cruising from galveston texas


DO enjoy the sites, the shopping, and the laughter when you hear that everything is “almost free!”.


shopping in cozumel

DO walk the oceanside, and definitely stop at a local joint for some eats and drinks no matter where you go ashore!


cruising from galveston - restaurants in cozumel

And totally DO take in the oddities from other cultures. Apparently, I’m the odd one because stuff like fish EATING MY FEET doesn’t seem normal to me, but it does to others!

things to do in cozumel

If you do nothing else on your cruise from Galveston, remember to stop and take some time with your family, without all of the drama of life, without all of the crowds. This rarely happens in real life these days and these moments are more precious, more exciting, than anything else you will ever experience. AND this time is TOTALLY FREE!



The DON’T List for Cruising from Galveston

DON’T go off of the boat into the ports that you aren’t sure of the second you pull up, or that you aren’t super excited about. Progresso gave us a weird impression, and we were right. Although the water and beach were beautiful, this was not your typical tourist destination.

cruising from galveston to progresso

progresso yucatan mexico

DON’T get me wrong. We had fun. I’m a home body and I never go anywhere. I don’t have a passport and don’t plan on getting one. THIS was my opportunity to GO somewhere, to see things I’d never otherwise see. I saw “real” Mexico because B isn’t scared to take me into the back alleys (Progresso, even according to our welcoming agent, is a back alley of Mexico) anywhere. I saw the “real” life workings of a poor community. I saw school kids. I saw people selling eggs and raw meat in zipper bags (NOT ON ICE) out of carts. I needed to see this, so did my kids. We saw, we conquered, we were humbled. ALWAYS be humbled. It was a great learning experience, so now I’m turning this in to another DO, and I did.

But on the real DON’Ts list…

DON’T cheap out on the rooms. Get the balcony suite. It’s not that much more and it’s totally worth it.

DON’T go ape shit crazy when you’re trying to pee and the boat rocks a bit. It’s a big boat and the Titanic was a one-off (or so).

DON’T be shy. Meet new people, venture out, try new things.

DON’T try to stay on your diet. It’s just a short cruise, have fun!

DON’T drink as much as your unlimited drink tickets allow you to (seriously? 14 cocktails/beers per day will kill you!).

DON’T ever do the same cruise twice. There are too many options and the next time we go (it’ll be soon), we’ll go on a different adventure.

DON’T put off going on a cruise until you have enough money, until the kids are out of school, until you have the time, until…whatever it is you’re waiting for…don’t do it!

cruising from galveston

Discover the Wonders of Cruising from Galveston

If you’re in the area, DON’T put off for tomorrow what you can do today. DO take advantage of the affordable cruise deals that you can enjoy out of the Port of Galveston. Today’s the day. Book now, pay a little bit down, pay a little bit throughout the year, and let your family enjoy the magic that only a HUGE ship can provide. Honestly, this is the best vacation experience my family has ever enjoyed, drama and all!

We’ll be going on a cruise again soon, will you?

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