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If you’re a local, you’re no stranger to the Gypsy Joynt in Galveston Texas. If you’re visiting though, this is the place you need to eat! Casual, fun atmosphere, a completely diverse menu with something for everyone, a friendly staff, and affordable prices!

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Tucked neatly away on Market Street (2711 Market Street, to be exact) in a rather off-the-beaten-path location, you’ll find the Gypsy Joynt. A local favorite, this quaint gem literally has something for everyone, a fantastic, laid-back atmosphere, a friendly staff, affordable prices, and games for the kids.

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Gypsy Joynt Galveston, Texas

As soon as you walk in the door, you can feel the ambiance. It’s extremely casual. Just grab a menu, find a seat, and take your time digging through the extension options before choosing what you want and heading to the back counter to order.

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It really doesn’t matter what you’re craving. They literally have a little bit of everything. From chicken fried steak sandwiches to pizzas to vegetarian and kid-friendly options, there literally is something for everyone!

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The Gypsy Joynt’s extensive vegetarian menu pleases this life-long vegetarian to no end. No longer limited to ordering off a menu where I have to hold the “this” or minus the “that” is heavenly. Some of the flavor combinations are a little strange to me, but I’m not an adventurous eater so I often go with a veggie ciabata, pizza, or a delightful homemade lentil patty.

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If you’ve got a picky kid, which I do (seriously, he’s the pickiest person on the planet), they’ll even whip up some fresh chicken tenders and fries even though they aren’t officially on their menu. You can’t get better service than that, friends!

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Pizza at the Gypsy Joynt Galveston, Texas

The extensive pizza menu is impressive, but if you don’t see anything you like, go ahead and make your own creation. They have an extensive list of meats, vegetables, and cheeses to choose from, so I’m positive you can find something you’ll love.

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Probably the coolest part about this local gem is that they have video games and pinball machines galore…free of charge for their customers to enjoy while waiting for their food. You read that right…for free! Zach is literally in heaven when he gets to run around in there playing all of his favorites without any quarters involved.

Whether you’re new to the area and haven’t found this place yet, or you’re just stopping by for a vacation, you need to stop by the Gypsy Joynt for lunch or dinner. Might I suggest the Tex-Ass? A combination of BBQ brisket, pepper jack cheese, onions, and pickles that hasn’t disappointed a single person I’ve seen enjoy it – plus best fries in town! You’re going to love anything you choose and there’s no better family dining experience on the island, in my humble opinion. To find out more, visit the Gypsy Joynt website and like them on Facebook. Happy dining!

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